With all the talk about education reform, parents and teachers have a lot of material to analyze and debate. From legislative requirements to policy proposals to political referenda, this issue – the way we, as a society, enable children to reach their academic potential – will determine our national success.

This topic demands a shift in thinking, an embrace of student-centered learning that rewards outstanding teachers and connects schools with the communities they serve. And, while these points may seem obvious and even obligatory, the first step towards achieving that goal starts with identifying education solutions that actually work.

This spirit of innovation resonates in a powerful white paper from No Child Held Back, where readers can enjoy a wealth of detailed information – data and recommendations for the betterment of our country, our children, teachers, administrators and everyone else who has a stake in a thriving school system.

By marrying smart technology with specific achievements, and through a diversity of courses, No Child Held Back offers a clear alternative to the status quo. Let us move forward to this new environment of reform and success.

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