uniting parents and children in education

Our Purpose

No Child Held Back in collaboration with the Hartford Parent University aims to increase parent involvement in schools and empower parents to raise successful, lifelong learners. Hartford Parent University parents possess the ability to understand their children on a deeper level and focus on child development, advocacy, parent leadership and parenting skills.

Parents become more engaged in supporting quality education for their children. This results in improved student outcomes and overall school improvement.

Parent Training

  • Parents as Teachers

    Parents achieve a better understanding of how to stimulate and support healthy intellectual and social development for their children, as well as the teaching and learning methods used in schools.

  • Parents as Advocates

    Understand the learning standards and assessments, parents determine how to support learning at home and how to access resources to ensure their child reaches academic proficiency.

  • Parents as Leaders

    Parents will become more active and effective members of the School Governance Council, Parent Organization or community and learn different strategies on how to reach out to other parents.

  • Parents as Learners

    Parents will develop the skills necessary to effectively support their children's education, positively impact school improvement and improve the quality of life in Hartford's communities.