Education Reformed

About Us

What if our fundamental goal shifted from reducing failure rates to inspiring and enabling all students to reach their own full potential? What if we could reach the mandated performance levels of No Child Left Behind while embracing the vision of a No Child Held Back framework?

No Child Held Back is a consortium of parents, teachers, school administrators, learning experts, citizens, business leaders, education publishers, and technology providers who are dedicated to transforming education. Our vision is the creation of an effective, flexible, student-centered education system that helps all students achieve their full academic and personal potential. The group was founded by NaMaYa Inc., a leading online learning platform as a service provider.

We challenge ourselves and our institutions to tear down old paradigms around school and education. This old schema simply doesn’t work in today’s world and certainly won’t address the needs of the future. Instead, join us as part of the solution.  Let’s re-think, re-design and re-build our approach to education in our local educational communities and extend this learning to the global community.

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Our Schools + Partners

Christlifeforte School
Bridam Academy
Ayis Academy
Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy
The New American Academy
Hartford Parent University
Achieve Hartford
Grace Gardens

Five Essentials

  • Parent Engagement

    Thoughtfully engage teachers and school administrators on behalf of their children and monitor the success of their children with the use of technology resources.

  • Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

    Information on student performance levels that goes beyond standardized tests scores to include homework preparedness, time spent reading, organizational skills, and social and emotional competencies.

  • Teacher Empowerment

    The strategic selection of participating teachers who have demonstrated initial competency in parent engagement and differentiated instruction, meeting individual student needs in the classroom.

  • Support Services

    The student, family, and teacher are provided with financial support for programs aligned with the PLP. A small committee comprised of the teacher, parent, school administrator, NCHB, or community-based partner, strategically selects these services.

  • Technology Strategy

    Computer audit for the school to create enhanced and best use of available technology and enrichment tools for students and teachers including; workshops, events, and programs.

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