From parents “occupying” schools, to heated school board meeting debates, Chicago is the middle of a very challenging education reform process.  As with any worthwhile endeavor, there is a robust exchange of ideas between various stakeholders.

The Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL) approach should be applauded for its efforts to improve education.  We at No Child Held Back (NCHB) always welcome the ideas and efforts of education reform. We also know student motivation and parent involvement play a key role school improvement. Moreover, after speaking with teachers around the country, we have learned that many teachers want to do better and be better, but often do not have the resources to raise their level of teaching.

At first glance, our title seems familiar.  No Child Held Back, that is the federal program to help schools right?  You are thinking of No Child Left Behind.  No Child Held Back (NCHB) is a new consortium that does not approach education reform as a one-size fits all solution. NCHB is parents, teachers, students, administrators, and educators coming together to meet schools and districts where they are and help them get to the next level.

We work with the tools a school has. We sharpen the focus and knowledge of teachers.  We give parents easier access to their children’s schoolwork, as well as advance and remedial course work to help parents help their children succeed. We give students tools that help them learn the way they learn best.  Students who want to learn, parents who want to be involved in their children’s education, and teachers and administrators equipped with the right tools and skills to help children succeed.

This is No Child Held Back.

NCHB understands that a one-size fits all approach is not what schools need. So NCHB takes a holistic approach, looking at the diverse factors that affect school performance.

Our program and our technology provide:

  • Personalized Learning Tools so students can move at their own pace. Tools that teachers can quickly and easily setup. Tools that parents can access so they can guide their children and assess their progress throughout the school year.
  • Content Creation Tools so teacher can easily create new courses, worksheets, presentations, activities, problem set, and other resources.
  • Content Marketplace for teachers, parents and administrators to access world-class educational content they can readily adapt to the classroom or home environment.
  • Robust Professional Development courses available online and on-demand to help teachers improve their professional practice.

By shifting focus from a punitive to a positive system, focusing on individualized learning instead of test prep, fostering growth, responsibility, and community, we can achieve the academic superiority our students need and deserve. No Child Held Back endeavors to bring about a paradigm shift in educational philosophy and methodology that enables students and teachers to reach their full potential.

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