No Child Held Back is an approach to education that allows every child to thrive project team management.  Every child – no matter his or her socioeconomic background, learning style, or life circumstance.  This approach was not developed in a vacuum.  The world around us has reached an inflection point at which we have sufficient technological maturity, and global connectivity to deliver all the major elements that will allow us to fulfill this important work.  This course will allow educators to research the foundations of No Child Held Back and how to utilize the program to inspire all students to reach their full personal and academic potential.  This course will teach educators how to get real help, real help you need and deserve to ensure success for you and your students in the classroom and beyond.  This course will stress how to differentiate instruction on the individual level in order to maintain high student motivation, as well as keeping aligned with the new rigorous Common Core State Standards.

No Child Held Back Goals

  • Student-centered learning
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Outstanding teachers
  • Excellent instructional content
  • Parent and student empowerment
  • Connecting schools with communities
  • Increased course variety
  • Robust professional development
  • Smart technology support

No Child Held Back and MiniFrame Announce Collaboration. No Child Held Back and MiniFrame announce that they will be collaborating together to bring

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